E9002 - fight against COVID-19

Item No: E9002

Portable UV Ozone Germicidal Light ,Portable UV Germicidal Lamp,Handheld Mini Sterilizer Light,UV Light Sanitizer, Portable Travel Wand Ultraviolet Disinfection lamp

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Technical Data

Product Name Portable Sterilization LampProduct color Black / white
Rated power 2.5WRated voltage 5V
Battery capacity 800mAHUsage space 2 sqm
Theoretical life 10000 hoursProduct size 55*45*155 mm

More details

Applications: small places such as wardrobes, cupboards, bathrooms, supplies for maternal and infant rooms, etc. 

  Principle of UV Sterilization?

UVC band can destroy the DNA or RNA of bacteria and viruses by radiation, so that bacteria and viruses will lose vitality and fertility, hence disinfection and sterilization will be realized.


  Does this portable sterilization light really work?

Double sterilization by UVC and Ozone is particularly suitable for small spaces and dead corners; charging design facilitates business trips with convenient disinfection of hotel rooms, pillows, etc.



  How long can it work after full charge?

With 800mA battery and Micro USB Type B plug, this light can work for 3-4 times with each time for 30 minutes.


  How long is the work life of UV tube?

Sterilization UV tube can be used for 10,000 hours. All UV sterilization lights are guaranteed with 1 year warranty (warranty void if damaged by man).


Power consumption of this portable sterilization light is only 2.5W; ozone produced by this light could disinfect a small sealed space. Once disinfection is done, ozone could be oxidized and dissociated without residual or secondary pollution.